Jalapeno Fun!

If summer isn’t tasty enough I just discovered the joy of jalapeno’s! Sure I have made poppers before and being a little bit afraid of spicy things I mostly like watching the kids enjoying them, and tentatively eat some. One customer told me he eats raw jalapeno poppers, I am for sure not that brave. However it would be so good for you! For some reason yesterday I decided to add some to our scalloped potatoes thinking that the long baking time would moderate the heat. Boy was I right and the flavor was unbeatable! I just used this recipe and added sliced jalapenos and cooked pork bbq to make it a whole meal. We loved it! Try it out, we don’t pack hot peppers in delivery shares, but they are always available at the csa pick up and in the cabin store. The keep a really long time, too!

If you haven’t tried the fennel yet, this is a great way to enjoy it! And if you don’t have goats or bunnies to serve the tops too try some of these great ideas! We love this seldom seen vegetable!

We had the first of the three calves born on Monday night! Look at facebook or instagram soon for pictures of her. The littlest farm boy has claimed her as his and named her Blossom. She will be on display near the cabin soon, but right now she is up in the newborn stall in the barn getting lots of little farmer snuggles. She did take a walk with them yesterday and came to the kitchen to visit me! What a silly surprise. We also had a neighbor’s donkey get loose and come visit our donkey, he too came up the back porch steps for a visit! Life on the farm!!!

OH, and this weekend we are going to try grilling a whole chicken. I plan to rub our bacon rub under the skin and cut the chicken in half along the backbone and splay it open (spatchcock style). We have a charcoal grill so I’ll get the coals going and then spread them out to either side and cook it over indirect heat for about an hour. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Enjoy your week and your lovingly raised goodies from the Bakers!

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