It’s raining, It’s pouring…….

As our two year old says “It’s raining, it’s pouring the mail man is snoring!” We can’t correct it for now because it’s just too cute! Well the greens in the garden are happy, but we have never had such a rainy season before! Thank you all for coming out to the farm week after week to pick up in the rain! It’s a blessing to us to see you each week and have your support! We are also thankful that so many vegetables thrive despite the abnormal growing conditions. I guess that is why it’s helpful to grow varieties that are good under organic production. We spend a lot of time in the winter deciding what to grow based on what sounds, looks and tastes amazing, but what will also actually grow here!

Soon we’ll starting seeing mustard greens and asian greens again, so get ready! The sweet potatoes are also starting to come in. We don’t usually harvest them until the last week of October. However last year they were a bit too big and the total harvest was over 1,200 pounds! So we started digging some this week to keep and eye on them. The small, new ones are great to cut and roast as is, no peeling needed! They will get sweeter and bigger as the season goes on. They don’t like to be cold at all so keep them on the counter, not in the fridge.

We are still making plans for our fall festival, but are looking forward to seeing everyone the 20th of October 10-5pm. We will be making apple butter and doing farm tours!

Have a great week and be safe, there is bound to be flooding out there!
The Bakers

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