What kind of poppers do we have this week?

Special invitation to to our “Friends and Farm-ily” and anyone who is interested in seeing the farm! We will be having a fun farm open house and Apple Butter Festival October 20th from 10-5pm. Come meet the baby calves, bunnies and our mini horse who finally has a name…..Juniper! More details for the farm day coming soon, but mark your calendars and plan to come enjoy some time on the farm! It marks the final pick up for Summer 2018 Season. November 1st is the start of Winter CSA, details for that coming soon as well.

Well if jalapenos poppers are your style, I promise Passion Poppers will be! They are a kiwi berry grown in the US. We love getting them from a farm in PA every year (hope to have our own growing eventually). We are sharing them with you this week in the CSA. As the box states you let them ripen on the counter until they begin to look a little wrinkly and then pop them in your mouth! They are delicious and you won’t want to share! We hope you love them as much as we do!

I have some awesome recipes to share this week. We were beginning to think we had used every possible way to enjoy eggplant, but since it’s been so abundant this year we had to find one more way. A “farm-ily” member mentioned eggplant moussaka so we had to try it! You won’t be disappointed. And it freezes well for a last minute meal later on.

We are still enjoying peppers and sad to see the tomatoes go so early this year. But the different weather patterns make some things thrive and others struggle. So it was no bumper tomato year, but there was plenty of other veggies to be thankful for. My new favorite pepper recipe is this casserole! You can add any sauteed veggie to it as well as peppers. We serve it over rice for a nice vegetarian dinner (or add ground beef or sausage). When even the 4 year old devours it, I know it’s a winner! He loves vegetables, but only raw….not a huge fan of cooked ones yet.

It’s time for winter squash!!! Best way to eat acorn squash. Spaghetti squash is my second favorite and here is a great way to prepare it. I love it served like pasta with pesto on it. Butternut will be here soon!

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