November recipes!

We started off November with the “littles” in the house having their first cold in about 9 months. It’s joyfully not making it’s way through everyone. We are helping the youngsters to feel better by giving them this month’s herbal Cold Care Syrup. It is made with hibiscus, astragalus, red clover and calendula (honey and water as well). We give them 1/2 – 1 tsp each hour and it’s full of great immune boosting properties as well as being perfect for runny noses! Adults would take 1-2 tsp every hour. There is also a great herbal tea in this month’s herbal share called ‘Relax Tea”, it’s made with holy basil, rose petals, and spearmint. It’s great for rainy afternoons and evenings! I love it with some raw honey and raw cream from our Jersey cows. Remember to hydrate with tons of water or herbal tea when you are sick. Especially Garlic Lemonade!This is one way of doing it, but we usually make it like tea and use real lemons. We simmer for awhile on stove and then add the honey.

We have been healing the little ones and keeping the rest of the family healthy by eating lots of soups made with our bone broth. New to making broth, don’t worry it’s super easy! Try this recipe. If I want chicken broth, I just do the same thing, but use a whole frozen chicken or a few carcasses left over from roasted chicken. Broth and bones are available in the cabin. Having broth in the freezer is a great way to cook up a quick meal by chopping some of your veggie shares and adding rice and ground beef. My favorite way to cook is with no recipe, but good wholesome ingredients.

My favorite chili ingredient is, guess what??? Chocolate! Don’t believe me? Try this recipe and see what your family thinks. I just use some canned Rotel from this summer and I skip the corn, but it’s a good guide for how much chocolate to use! Super Yum! We also love making chicken chili, or white chili, with our whole chickens, this is a great recipe. Oh and I don’t use chocolate in the white chili!

Mustard greens this time of year are so potent and lovely! We like to saute and add to quiche with some of our sausage. I have skipped a crust for so long I forget it usually has one! We just mix everything together and pour into a greased pyrex and bake at 350 for almost an hour. (You must pre cook the sausage and I prefer to pre cook the greens as well.) The Bok Choi is wonderful in a stir fry, but I have also been adding it to soups for extra vitamins and minerals.

I’m super into cooking these days, but there is always fun farm news as well…..The children have been taking care of a goat with a neck injury. It’s nice to have sweet helpers and sweet animals. We think a goat got her head stuck in the fence and one of her friends may have butted her! The vet helped determine what her treatment plan is and some physical therapy is part of it! Her name is Dotted Nugget and she is a very sweet patient. Hopefully she will heal soon, as her neck is very sore! The turkeys are growing nicely and looking tasty! The pet rabbits have had some babies that will be ready for new homes in time for Christmas! Everything else is going smoothly and we are preparing the farm for winter!

Enjoy your shares!
The Bakers

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