Snow before Thanksgiving!?!?!

We are watching the snow pile up and the turkey’s are hiding in their shelters wondering what this weird white stuff is! We have not had snow in November in the 10 years we’ve been raising turkeys. We are hoping it clears up by Saturday when we harvest them!

Delivery Changes for next week: All deliveries will be made Tuesday the 20th same time and places.

Pick up Changes for next week: NO Thursday pick up, instead Tuesday from 2-6 along with our turkey pick up OPEN HOUSE. We will have pies, cranberry relish and apple butter for sale then as well. Saturday will be normal pick up times. If you need to pick up Tuesday and you are normally scheduled for Saturday please let us know (milk will not be ready early, but veggies can be.)

We hope you enjoyed the Kohlrabi last week, we added our tops and peeled, chopped bulbs to some great soup. Along with some barley and the other roots from the csa bags we were able to keep the same soup going for several meals. My favorite other meal was this rabbit stew (with bok choi instead of celery). It was so great! I will be making it again soon.

We love pumpkin pie, but we had to try sweet potato pie with the amazingly large one that the little farmer boy harvested. It made 4 pies! It was so great, and didn’t require scooping seeds and dealing with peels. This site has tons of great sweet potato recipes including the pie. However the farmer says we still need pumpkin pie, too, so that is my snowy day task! We have sent pie pumpkins out this week so you have plenty of time to prepare the pumpkin before Thanksgiving! I like to make my puree and freeze it for quick pie making.

This week we are also sending mushrooms (from another local farm), onions, kale, sweet potatoes, rosemary…..get your thanksgiving recipes ready! Next week there should be cabbage, arugula, beets, carrots, butternut squash and salad greens. We hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving and please know that you are one of the blessings we will be counting! Thanks for supporting our family farm!

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