Winter Goodies

We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! We enjoyed our sweet potato and pumpkin pie (with raw ice cream and whipped cream), grandma’s cranberry relish, fresh turkey, roasted root medley ( we added bacon to the top and wow!), sausage stuffing and salad and mashed potatoes and gravy. Yum, I could eat it all over again! Maybe when my fractured ankle heals up we’ll do thanksgiving dinner again, but I guess it will be Christmas by then.

We had our first ever twin calves born to our cow, Coffee. It is rare and exciting, however not the best scenario. The cow is having a hard time, but the calves are doing fine. We have grafted them onto our nurse cow and when Coffee regains her strength we will be milking her for our members. Right now she is getting lots of TLC and her milk is slow to come in. But, it was sure a surprise and exciting! Watching her navigate both of them was amazing. If having twin people is challenging, twin animals were hysterical. Since they can walk at birth she had quite the time keeping up with them running off in two different directions! But with 4 teats she didn’t have trouble nursing two at a time. We took them off her the third day when she started to go down hill. It takes a lot of calcium to grow two babies and her stores were low. We have been supplementing her with oral calcium and making sure she has plenty of molasses and good food to eat.

We are loving kohlrabi in soups and stews along with potatoes, kale, onions and more. The roots are so nice to roast or put in stew, or even a stir fry. Although I’m off my feet and not cooking I am enjoying the things the farm girls are putting together and just grateful for nourishing food to eat. They have been making lovely soups and the last for days.There will be small turkeys along with the chicken as an option at pick up this time. If you haven’t made broth from pastured turkeys before, don’t miss out. This is so tasty for making soups! My favorite soup this week as been cheeseburger soup with ground beef.

Herbals this month are: Cold Buster Tincture (shelf stable for years): take 1/4 tsp every hour for warding off cold or cough symptoms (half that much for children) and Elderberry syrup (REFRIGERATE and use in a few months): take tsp daily for immune support or as needed during a cold. EX. tsp every hour. I am using doterra oils to help my pain management since being pregnant I don’t want to take pain meds. The Comfrey is still green in the garden and adding the leaves to smoothies not only helps knit my bones back together, but provides immediate pain relief. After my fractured ribs when I was 10 weeks pregnant, I learned lots of herbal tricks for pain relief and bone healing while pregnant. Not a skill I ever needed before, but thankful there is info out there to help. Bone broth also does wonders for broken bones so I’m filling up on that.

Enjoy and be well!
The Bakers

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