January fun!

Well, we enjoyed the snow, and not so much the mud, but that freezing weather it was a doozy! I’m sure there is more to come so I’ll just be thankful that it didn’t last too long! We have some greens growing that are experimental right now in the green house. We have never had head lettuce last this long into the winter with outside temps in the single digits or below. This is exciting to us farmers! We carefully selected varieties known for winter hardiness and they are working out great for us! Hopefully you are enjoying them too!

To jazz up a winter salad I love to add nuts and dried fruits. Today we had chopped lettuce, shredded cheese, raisins, candied walnuts and a sour cream and honey dressing. Here is another great salad to try. We also have been enjoying roasted garlic to keep germs away from us as we enjoy our sweet newborn! Really try this, it’s amazing how mellow and sweet it becomes, even our two year old loves it as a side dish! Enjoy the potatoes, carrots and turnips mashed or roasted! Or try this instant pot potato soup that a “farm-ily” member recommended, I can’t wait to try it! And if you have a celeriac hanging out in the fridge still, chop it up and use it like celery. The beautiful cabbage this week is Minuet, a napa cabbage. It can be used raw or just like any other cabbage. This stir fry sounds great, I think we will try it this week!

We look forward to seeing you at the meat pick up, February is around the corner! We have tons of pork we just picked up and all our normal chicken and beef too! This recipe was also recommend and I can’t wait to try it with our chicken, it’s instant pot Butter Chicken. We have been enjoying the cheeseburger soup we made and froze before baby arrived. So stock up on ground beef and try it! Remember pick up for meat at the farm is Feb. 2nd from 3-5 and Feb. 7th 2-4.

We are happy that all the puppies, new calf and baby farmer are thriving despite the cold weather! The puppies are snug in the heated area of the barn and the youngest calf has a barn stall all to himself so he’s staying warm and dry. The other animals are doing well and are comfortable with shelter and good food, but we’ll all enjoy when this cold rain is over. And the baby farmer and I are enjoying our ‘stay-cation’ while the other farmers do all the work!

Enjoy your week and farm goodness!


The Bakers

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