January Yum

We are still waiting on our little farmer baby! This one wants to be well done! We hope you all have started off the new year with health! We are enjoying our mild weather and looking forward to some snow this weekend!

In this weeks share we have kale ( to our delight this is from the garden and there is still more in the greenhouse!) Just a fun farmer fact that this strong veggie can be grown outdoors without protection this time of year! We also have lettuce (from the greenhouse). I love a good salad this time of year. We like to add some cheese and dried fruit and nuts with a nice oil and vinegar dressings. And Parsley, Potatoes, Carrots, and Beets! We will be enjoying some roasted veggies for sure and this potato recipe. Who doesn’t like potatoes and butter?

Sorry for the substitute last week, I am a little out of touch with the outdoor production so I heard you got mustard instead of carrots! We all need more greens this time of year though! We got this recipe from a “farm-ily” member and she substitutes any greens that come in the share to make this Zuppa Toscano Soup. I can’t wait to try it!

My broken ankle is finally healed for the most part and I’m getting around the farm again. We enjoyed a walk today to check on the next batch of piggies in their winter house. They were so fun to play with! They were frolicking and playing with us! I love happy pigs! There were also some other expectant mothers to check on. We have a cow due next week, Lolipop, and our gaurdian dog Ruth is due today! So there will be no shortage of cuties soon! I was hoping to be first, but the animals might beat me to having their babies! The farmer girls have a birthing stall set up in the barn and are ready to be midwives for the puppy birth.

We hope you have a lovely week and enjoy the produce! We enjoyed growing and packing it for you!


The Baker Family

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