Chicken CSA


Chicken CSA

We raise our meat chickens on our farm with grass and Organic, non GMO, soy free grains. They begin life with a trip from the hatchery to our farm and move into our ‘brooder’ at age 2 days. There we provide them with radiant heat to keep them at 90 degrees, clean dry bedding to sleep and lounge in, fresh water, Organic grain, sea kelp and sprouted greens to prepare them for life on the pasture! At 2-3 weeks old, once they are feathered enough to handle the outdoors, we take them to our pasture where they live until harvest time. Our guardian dogs keep them safe from predators so they may roam around the pasture grazing and growing in safety. They are processed here on the farm by us to ensure a humane and clean process. Once they arrive they never leave our farm or our care.

The Regular Chicken CSA will include approximately 2 chickens (or 8 lbs of chicken) at each pick up for a total of 48 lbs of chicken. The cost is $288.

The Family Chicken CSA will include approximately 4-5 chickens (or 20 lbs of chicken) at each pick up for a total of 120 lbs of chicken. The cost is $720.

Payment is due in full upon the first pick up at the beginning of June.

Chickens will normally be whole, or cut in half to accommodate the weight for each share that we are aiming for. You will receive the pounds of chicken promised, the number of chicken may change depending on size. Weather conditions always affect the size of the birds (ie. too cold or too hot makes them grow more slowly and will produce a smaller bird.) They are available during our regular meat pick up hours or will be in the cabin freezer for you.

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