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Cow Share Info

You can get a copy of the agreement form for our cow share program by clicking the following: "Bovine Agistment Agreement"


      Our grass based dairy is very simple. We allow the cows to graze naturally the way they were designed to eat. They eat grass and are supplemented with hay during winter. We do feed a (vegetarian) protein supplement (no cottonseed meal or soy)while they are in the stall being milked. This allows them to get valuable vitamins and minerals as well as keeps them happy to stand still! We allow our cows to dry up, or not produce milk for about six weeks before they give birth to their next calf. This provides the cow with some time off for her body to get ready for her calf. We do not give our cows any hormones at all. We also only use antibiotics in cases of emergency and then we withhold the milk for a longer period than required. By allowing the cows to graze and not be in a confinement situation they live a stress free life and happily give milk. Our cows are raised naturally, humanely and in organic standards, although we are not certified due to the large expense of certification.


      In Virginia it is illegal to buy or sell unpasturized raw milk. However it is not illegal to drink milk from your own cow. So with the cow share program you are buying a share or part of a cow and pay a fee to Day Spring Farm to board your cow (feed, water, care for and milk). For more valuable information on the benefits of fresh (or raw) milk please visit or contact us at Day Spring Farm.


      You will pay a one time cost of $40 (non-refundable) to buy one share of the cow. That share is good for 5 years and is non-refundable. The milk storage jars are ス gallon size wide mouth mason jars. You may buy ス gallon mason jars on your own or purchase them from us for $12 per share. You will also be charged a monthly boarding and care fee of $35.00 per month.


      We milk with a Delalval bucket style milker. We thoroughly clean all equipment after each milking to ensure proper sanitation. We test our milk weekly, monthly and yearly with different tools to ensure healthy milk. As the farmer we are responsible for milking the cow and refrigerating the milk to await the share holders to pick up the milk from their cow.


      Pick up location: 36258 Snickersville Turnpike, Purcellville, Va 20132
As the share holder you must pick up your milk. You are also responsible for providing your own clean and dry glass containers with lids. (We have them for sale here at the farm or you can buy them from Nichol痴 Hardware in Purcellville.) Both lids and jars need to be labeled with your name. You will need 4 glass jars, 2 to take your milk home and 2 here for your next weeks pickup. You are responsible for washing your jars and letting them air dry. Don稚 replace the lids until the jars are thoroughly dry. We will pre-arrange a pick up day with you and your milk will be ready by 9am on that day.

Our Prayer:

Through the tender mercy of our God; whereby the Dayspring from on high hath visited us, To give light to them that sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, To guide our feet into the way of peace. Luke 1:78,79

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