About Our CSA?


Community Supported Agriculture

We raise all our food without chemicals; that means no chemical sprays used in our garden and no chemicals going into our animals. We have organically mineralized our soils to make the veggies full of vitamins and minerals. Our animals grow in clean pastures with access to fresh water, sunshine, grass and vitamins and minerals. We use no GMO’s, no Soy and feed freshly ground organic grains and hay to supplement their diet. We raise most of our hay and purchase the rest and our grains from a family friend who is certified organic.
Our CSA buying options are detailed here.

Frequently Asked Questions about CSA

What is a CSA, and what does it stand for?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We offer a “share” of what we produce on the farm. Members purchase a “subscription”, and in return, receive products from us every week or month. This helps our farm’s cash flow and gives us an opportunity to know the people who eat the food we produce. This also helps us plan how many crops to grow and animals to raise.

What if the season has already begun, can I still join? Are there any deadlines?
You may sign up to join Day Spring Farm CSA at any time during the season as long as space allows.

Can we choose which meats and cuts are in our share?
For members who pick up on the farm, they may choose what cuts go into their boxes (1/3 chicken, 1/3 beef and 1/3 pork.) The prime cuts (bacon, fillet, NY strip, rib steak and delmonico) will be shared evenly among share members and all others cuts are abundant. The meat boxes for delivery are a nice mixture of cuts that all are sure to enjoy.

Can we choose which vegetables are in our share?
We offer a farm market style veggie during the summer CSA season and a pre packed bag during the winter months. In the winter we offer a swap bin for members to swap out items. We provide great bags for our delivery customers and cannot customize those shares.

Where do you deliver?
Please contact us for delivery options . Currently we offer delivery to Purcellville and Broadlands VA.

Can I pay by credit card?
Credit Card payments are excepted with a 3% charge.

Do you have an installment plan option?
Yes, contact us to set up a month to month payment plan.

If I go on vacation, how do I deal with my share?
You may share it with a friend, we will donate it for you.

Do you ever need new CSA delivery sites?
Yes, there are times when we seek a new delivery site. For members who are interested in offering their home, church, or place of business as a potential delivery site please contact us to discuss this possibility. Contact us at dayspringfarmva@gmail.com for more information.

Is it possible to visit the farm?
The farm is open to visitors by appointment. We believe it’s important for people to know where there food comes from, and we want people to see how we do things. Just email or call ahead of time so we can make sure that one of us can give you a personal tour. We also have open farm days a few times a year, with activities and opportunities to meet your fellow CSA members. Please refer to the website home page for current events.

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