Farmers Delight CSA


Community Supported Agriculture

2019 Season Open


Our CSA began as a way to share with our friends and community the blessings and bounty from our farm. We enjoy growing for you! We raise all our food without chemicals; that means no chemical sprays used in our garden and no chemicals going into our animals. We have organically mineralized our soils to make the veggies full of vitamins and minerals. Our animals grow in clean pastures with access to fresh water, sunshine, grass and vitamins and minerals. Our CSA buying options are detailed below.

Farm pick up at the Log Cabin will be Saturdays from 3-5 and Thursday from 2-4. *Winter pick up is Saturdays and Thursdays from 12-5 for veggie only weeks and summer hours apply for the meat pick up on the first Thursday and Saturday monthly. Feel free to contact us if you would like to host a site. There is a one time $60 delivery fee per share for each 6 month season. This fee is waived for drop site host families.

New to a CSA?:

When space is available we offer a trial share for any of our shares. That means you can try it for one month without committing to the whole season first.

The Vegetable CSA:

25 weeks of fresh vegetables from our gardens available to pick up once a week (May through October or November through April). We will have lettuces, cooking greens, squash, tomatoes, peas, beans, cucumbers, onions, garlic, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, okra, micro greens, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, kale, bok choi, mustard greens, asian greens, herbs and more throughout the season. Quantity will vary with the seasons and available produce. Some weeks there will be enough products in your boxes to freeze or can for later use. We will also provide helpful info about preserving or cooking your vegetables. We grow the majority of the items here and if we have a crop failure we attempt to source vegetables from other local growers with the same standards as ours.

Artisanal Items: Your box may also include a variety of organically prepared items that we make for ourselves and will enjoy sharing with you. Ex: honey, maple syrup, jams, herbal products, soaps, lotions, flowers, and potted herbs. Occasionally fruit from our fields or that we have purchased from neighboring farmers whose practices are as strict as our own (beyond organic.)
Winter or Summer
Half: Enough to cover most of your vegetable needs for 2 adults for a week. 6 or more items. $625 for 25 weeks, $25 per week.
Full: Enough to cover most of your vegetable needs for 2 adults and 2 children for a week. A bountiful selection from our garden. 12 or more items. $1125 for 25 weeks, $45 per week.

The Meat CSA:

The meat boxes are ready for pick up the first week of each month. Our summer csa runs from May through October, and the winter runs from November through April. Pick up dates are the first Thursday and Saturday of the month. You chose the cuts that your family likes best. If you can’t make it to the pick up we will pack a box for you (farmer’s choice) and leave it in the cabin freezer for you. We will divide out the premium cuts like bacon, steaks and chops into the boxes and you fill the rest with 1/3 chicken, 1/3 beef and 1/3 pork. If you chose delivery we will pack your box each month with a variety of cuts you are sure to enjoy. We raise grass-fed beef, and beyond organic, non GMO, soy free pork and poultry. All livestock are raised on pasture with tender loving care! All animals are also offered ‘free choice’ minerals that consist of organic kelp, sea salt, and essential minerals aiding in their health and yours!
Winter or Summer
Regular: Approx. 15 lbs of meat per month. $750 for the 6 month season. Sample Contents:
1 lb bacon, 1 lb sausage, 1 lb chops, 3 lbs pork roast, 1 whole chicken, 2 New York Strip, 2 lb ground beef, 1 lb sirloin steak, 1 lb stew meat
Family: Approx. 30 lbs of meat per month. $1,500 for the 6 month season. Sample Contents:
1 lb bacon, 3 lb sausage, 2 lb chops, 1 lb ham slices, 3 lbs pork roast, 2 whole chicken, 2 Porterhouse, 2 tenderloin steak, 4 lb ground beef, 2 lb sirloin steak, 3 lbs chuck roast.

Farmer’s Delight CSA

This very diverse CSA will allow you access to all of Day Spring Farm’s products. It’s a combination of the meat CSA and the vegetable CSA. It is also available in two sizes and runs from May to October, and November to April.
Winter or Summer
Half: Approx. 15 lbs of meat per month and Approx. Enough veggies to cover most of your needs for 2 adults for a week.
Family: Approx. 30 lbs of meat per month and Approx. Enough veggies to cover most of your needs for 2 adults and 2 children for a week.

Chicken Only CSA:

We raise our meat chickens on our farm with grass and Organic, non GMO, soy free grains. They begin life with a trip from the hatchery to our farm and move into our ‘brooder’ at age 2 days. There we provide them with radiant heat to keep them at 90 degrees, clean dry bedding to sleep and lounge in, fresh water, Organic grain, sea kelp, grit and sprouted greens to prepare them for life on the pasture! At 2-3 weeks old, once they are feathered enough to handle the outdoors, we take them to our pasture where they live until harvest time. Our guardian dogs keep them safe from predators so they may roam around the pasture grazing and growing in safety. They are processed here on the farm by us to ensure a humane and clean process. Once they arrive they never leave our farm or our care.

The CSA is based on 6 pick ups at approximately the beginning of each month starting with May and ending in October. Pick up corresponds with our regular meat pick up the first Thursday and Saturday of each month. If we have enough supply we will offer the chicken CSA during the winter months as well.

The Regular Chicken CSA will include approximately 2 chickens (or 8 lbs of chicken) at each pick up for a total of 48 lbs of chicken. The cost is $288.

The Family Chicken CSA will include approximately 4-5 chickens (or 20 lbs of chicken) at each pick up for a total of 120 lbs of chicken. The cost is $720.

Payment options:

Cash or check prefered, credit cards will incur a 3% charege. Unlike most csa producers we do allow for monthly payments of meat or vegetable.  Let us know if you want to pay in full or have a monthly invoice prepared for you. For monthly payments we ask that you give all the checks in advance, but date them for the first of each month. All prices subject to 2.5% sales tax.


Share Options

Regular Share Family Share
Veggie CSA [More Info]
(20 Weeks)
$540 $860
Farmers Delight CSA [More Info]
(20 Weeks)
$1,165 $2,110
Chicken CSA [More Info]
(6 Months)
$240 $600
The Meat CSA [More Info]
(5 Months)
$625 $1,250
Additional Options
Egg Share $120
Herbal CSA $125
Cultured CSA $75
Soap CSA $30

Additonal options:

Egg CSA:
We can add a dozen eggs to your share each week. Our chickens are raised on pasture with organic grains to supplement their diet. $156 for a dozen each week for 25 weeks.

Herbal CSA:
There are so many ways to heal our bodies with herbs. Herbs are all around us, but sometimes overwhelming to make use of. In our CSA we will prepare them for you! Hand crafted herbal salves, soaps, tinctures, oils, lotions, and more. Each month you will receive approximately three items. We will provide info on the herbs used in each product and how it can be used. The items will be available to pick up in our log cabin store, or will be shipped to your door depending on which option you choose. $150 for a 6 month subscription. Gift Certificates available upon request.

Cultured CSA:
Each month you will receive a jar of our homemade kombucha and a jar of a lacto-fermented veggie from our garden. Studies show that the natural probiotics in this products are amazing to boosting your immune system, warding off illness and allowing your body to heal itself. The also add enzymes to your body that help you more efficiently digest the food you consume. Monthly pick up May through October $90.

Soap CSA:
Our lovely handmade soaps are also available through a CSA. We will choose the flavor for you and you receive a great, safe, natural soap once a month for 6 months. Each soap is crafted here in our kitchen and scented with organic essential oils. Monthly pick ups May through October $30. Gift Certificates are available, these make great gifts! Shipping available for an extra charge.

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