Livestock Guardian Dogs


Livestock Guardian Dog

Maremma’s are a lovely breed to work with, they are loving, protective and always on the watch for trouble! We enjoy training and breeding our dogs. The amount of energy put into training is well worth the peace of mind you get knowing they are out guarding your stock all night so that you don’t have to! We have worked with many dogs over the years and have trained them to guard our sheep, cows, goats, and even poultry. We find they love our children dearly and have wonderful instincts.
They must be trained which animals are friends and which are foe, but they catch on quickly. They do bark at night as that is their first line of defense in keeping predators away. Once we learned to trust them to do their jobs we quickly got used to the barking. Our dogs are great at guarding against predatory birds as well, they do not like anything that looks suspicious spending time flying or perching overhead. They are smart dogs and make raising livestock much more productive. The last year before getting a LGD was our largest loss ever, we lost over 500 meat chickens and turkeys. The next year with our 2 Maremma’s on duty, we lost 4 guineas (they were not smart enough to stay inside the fence to be guarded)!


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