Our Vision


Our Vision

Our goal for Day Spring Farm is the same as farmers from hundreds of years ago. To humanely raise the finest animals that produce the most delicious meat and then provide that meat locally to friends and neighbors.

To raise the highest quality meat it means it must be pasture-fed, and chemical free from birth to butcher. The animals are raised on pasture, walking over acres of land, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, foraging naturally like animals were created to do. That means no growth hormones, stimulants, GMO’s or antibiotics – just the way God designed the animals. All of our animals are cared for this way and will be as long as we’re farming. If you’re interested in visiting to see first-hand how we care for our animals, we offer tours and are happy to show you our farm.

If our vision aligns with yours, we encourage you to join the CSA this year. It’s a valuable investment in your family’s health and well-being.

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