Pasture Raised Chicken


Pasture Raised Chickens
| Available May – December |

Chickens begin life with a trip from the hatchery to our farm and move into our “brooder” at the age of 2 days old. The brooder is a barn that is specifically devoted to the chicks’ care for the first two – three weeks of life until their feathers have grown enough to be outside on pasture. In the brooder we provide them with radiant heat to keep them at 90 degrees, clean dry bedding to sleep and lounge in, fresh water, organic grain, sea kelp and sprouted greens to prepare them for life on the pasture! Once they are ready to handle the outdoors, we take them to our pasture where they live until harvest time. Our guardian dogs keep them safe from predators so they may roam around the pasture grazing and growing in safety. The chickens are processed by us here on the farm to ensure a humane and clean process. Once the chicks arrive they never leave our farm or care. Chickens raised on pasture are only available when green grass is growing, so don’t forget to stock up for the winter! Chickens may be pre-ordered or purchased by appointment.
If you are interested in our limited availability Chicken CSA, let us know!


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