Pasture Raised Turkey


Pasture Raised Turkeys
| Thanksgiving Season |

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Our Thanksgiving turkey is raised much the same as the pasture raised chickens. With the exception of the year round production. It takes 16 weeks to raise a commercial breed turkey and about 8-10 months to raise a heritage breed! So we only raise them for Thanksgiving, not year round. We take great care in keeping our birds healthy and living a natural life by grazing our farm and free ranging. We are able to do so with the help of our amazing guardian dogs, Ruthy and Buster, who keep the foxes and other predators away from them. We provide a range of sizes from 8-12 lbs (small), 12-15 (med), and 15+ (large). They are always fed Organic grains and have constant access to our pasture. We cannot guarantee a size, but we will come as close as possible to your desired size.


Day Spring Farm on the Emeril Green Show
| October 2008 |

Day Spring Farm was featured on Emeril Lagasse’s ‘Emeril Green’ show for the Thanksgiving special.

The episode highlighted the uniqueness of the Baker’s pasture based farm and their heritage turkeys. Jessie Baker and Chef Emeril roasted two of the turkeys together during the filming at Whole Foods in Fair Lakes. The film crew later came and spent the day filming the Bakers at their farm, doing their chores and enjoying their animals.

For a copy of the delicious recipe Jessie and Emeril used, click here: Turkey Recipe

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